08 March, 2007

Back to School, back to São Paulo...

Opening page of my story on the Pantanal
published at Toyota Magazin (Germany)
PHOTO © Daniel De Granville, 2006

In recent times, my work has naturally followed a path closely associated with communications – particularly talking about environmentally-related scientific subjects – be it in my duties as a photographer, biologist or naturalist guide.

Some good examples are the photos and articles that I published in Magazines such as Atualidades Ornitológicas (Brazil), Toyota Magazin (Germany) and at National Geographic’s website, the scientific publications about birds and conservation of private reserves in which I participated as an author, the Bonito Field Guide and the field works with elementary and undergrad students from Brazil and the USA.

For such reasons, lately I was thinking of undertaking some studies on the journalistic field. Hence I applied and got approved for a postgrad course on Scientific Journalism at Unicamp, one of Brazil’s major public universities. The course lasts for one and a half years, a period during which I will have to move from Bonito and the Pantanal to the region of Campinas (São Paulo State).

Stay tuned for more info about this sudden and very positive change – coming soon!

Cabeceira do Prata Private Reserve (Jardim, MS, Brazil)
Photo published at Horizonte Geográfico Magazine (Brazil)
PHOTO © Daniel De Granville, 2005


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