30 December, 2012

Happy New Year!

Photo in Natura’s card with images taken
on each month of this year.
Artwork and Photos: © 2012 Daniel De Granville | Photo in Natura 
... and 2012 ends with excellent news for us: my picture of a diver with an anaconda is among the year's TOP 10 wildlife shots, according to Brazil's main news portal (Globo’s G1). It’s the only image taken in Brazil that made it to the final selection!

 My image of Swiss photographer Franco Banfi diving with a
green anaconda in Bonito (MS) was the only picture taken in Brazil
among the “TOP 10” of 2012 selected by the country’s major news website!
Photo: © 2010 Daniel De Granville | Photo in Natura

And finally, we’d like to share PHOTO IN NATURA's card, with a selection of images taken on each month of this year. We are very thankful to all the friends, clients, business partners and employees that hired us, joined us in the field or gave us useful tips for these images to be recorded! All the best, Happy 2013 and see you next year :-)


15 January, 2012

Dive with Anacondas
hits the web and goes viral

The story about diving with anacondas
was today's main subject on the local news...
(screen capture from g1.globo.com

About two days ago, some Facebook friend found and commented about the pictures that I took in Aug 2010 of a team of photographers diving with anacondas here in Bonito (Brazil). The photos ended up on my wall and - for some reason that I'm still trying to understand - had hundreds of hits during the last 48 hours, much more than when I originally posted them.

And so I got a call from G1 (Globo), Brazil's #1 news portal, who wanted more information to publish an article using the pictures. I agreed as long as there was no sensationalism, that the text had an educational approach to demystify these snakes.

... and featured as a highlight at Globo.com,
Brazil's major news portal.
(screen capture from globo.com website)

Today the story was published and is going viral, since it was featured nationwide on the main pages of Globo.com and G1, besides being the day's main article at G1's regional portal in Mato Grosso do Sul State. The best of all is that the regional team of G1 did a wonderful job and strictly followed my recommendation and remarks about the text that should follow the images. A goal for environmental education and awareness!