04 March, 2013

Closing Time

For years I’ve been trying to keep two parallel versions of Photo in Natura’s blog, one in Portuguese (my mother tongue) and another in English for my readers overseas. Since 2006 I managed to do this, but just barely. Due to the lack of time, on many occasions I did not translate some of the original posts to English, which was kind of frustrating.

Given the conditions, I have decided that I will no longer keep this English version updated. The decision was not an easy one, but I took into account the recent evolution of online translate engines such as Google Translator. It is obviously not a suitable tool if you need to properly translate a text to send to someone at work, but it is enough for people to read and understand a blog post, for example. You will find the translate tool at the top of the gadgets sidebar, to the right of the post's title. And, of course, be very welcome to explore all the previous posts in English, there's a lot of stuff from past years :-)

I count on your understanding and please feel free to contact me whenever something doesn’t make sense when automatically translated – I will be pleased to help you.

This will be our only blog URL from now on, please add to your favorites!

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