16 October, 2008

Learning to Watch

.Curious about the photographer, a Saffron Finch
takes a break at building its nest
for the upcoming Spring
Photo: © Daniel De Granville, 2008

After a short break, it’s time to go back to the Pantanal and Bonito. Once again, for nice reasons.

This weekend, just like last year, we will be making a presentation about birdwatching for the employees of MCR (a local mining company) in Corumbá, followed by a birding expedition through the wetlands. My main subject during the activities will be the natural soundscaspes. The activity will be done in partnership with BirdLife International.

Curious about the photographer, a group of
birdwatchers takes a break at their activity
just to look nice for the picture :-)
Photo: © Daniel De Granville, 2008

From there we’ll follow on to Bonito, where we will teach a course about birding techniques for local guides. There were so many interested that we had to make a selection process! The course is being sponsored by more than 20 institutions from local, regional and national levels.

More soon!

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Bruna said...

Bom dia!

Encontrei nesse site a foto de uma beija-flor de gravata e gostaria de utilizá-la em uma matéria da Revista Ponto Con. Gostaria de saber se é possível e a quem devo atribuir os créditos, caso a utilização seja autorizada.


Bruna de Castro