13 September, 2007

Back to My Roots

.A 1948 cover of Iris Magazine,
Brazil’s first periodical about photography

During a recent family visit I had the opportunity of talking about a subject that I kind of knew about, but had forgotten details. My grandfather Eudóxio Marques Manço, who died in 1978, dedicated a great deal of his life to professional photography, being the founder of one of Brazil’s oldest photo clubs.

Bringing my father along as his assistant, he’d photograph weddings and other events, besides producing landscape photos of which at least one received a prize (more details coming soon). Besides being a photographer, grandfather Eudóxio was an orchidist and musician (flute player) at our hometown’s symphonic orchestra.

In an old album filled with pictures from that time, besides images made by him (which I plan to scan in a near future), we found the manuscripts of a photo enlarger project and a 1948 issue of Iris – Brazilian Magazine of Photography, Cinema and Graphic Arts.

I guess this tells a lot about what I became…

Copy of grandpa’s original manuscripts,
presumably written in 1948,
with the project for a photo enlarger.


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