03 April, 2007

All Over Brazil

.Inside (but almost out...) of a doorless helicopter
photographing the vicinities of Iguassu Falls National Park
(border between Brazil and Argentina)
Photo: © Daniel De Granville, 2007

April has just begun, but this year I have already roamed through 7 states of 4 Brazilian regions, photographing and doing other jobs on environment and ecotourism.

According to my accounts, during the past 3 months I traveled about 23.000 km (14,000 mi) by air, land and water, passing by places that I had already been and also knowing new regions with an amazing variety of animals, plants, people, climate, food, accents and problems. From the indigenous people that live by the Amazonian rivers to the German colonizers in the south; from the traditional fishermen at the seaside to the Pantanal cowboys on the Paraguayan border.

This incredible diversity makes of Brazil an extremely interesting and photographable country, that deserves to be known firsthand by us all – while this is not possible, I try to show you some of it through my photographs!

Follow the red dots and find the ways that I have roamed
since the beginning of this year (some stretches more than once)!


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