03 January, 2007

Beginning of a Great Adventure

.A nest of Yellow-lored Tody-flycatchers (Todirostrum poliocephalum)
that I found in Minas Gerais while on vacation...
PHOTO: © Daniel De Granville, 2006

Back from short vacations and hitting the road again! After leaving Bonito about 10 days ago, I did a quick rest break in Minas Gerais State and am now typing from São Paulo, from where I’ll leave tomorrow for a three-week assignment passing through three distinct Brazilian ecosystems: the Amazon, the Cerrado and the Atlantic Rainforest.

This means that you’ll probably find no news in FotogramaBits ‘till early February, unless I come across some place with internet connection and find the time to keep you updated about what’s going on.

See ya next month!

Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus caninus) photographed today
at Butantan Institute in São Paulo


PHOTO: © Daniel De Granville, 2007

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