04 October, 2006

Finally Online!


Scouting for Jaguars while on assignment in the Pantanal of Brazil...
(Photo: © M. Juelsgaard, 2006)

Hello to all,

Some time ago I felt the need of making my website more dynamic. The first initiative in this direction was taken at the end of 2005, when I upgraded the site contents and layout – but it still seemed not enough.

By mid June this year, after returning from my sponsored period in Germany, I came up with the Portuguese version of this blog, which now gets an English edition – at last!

My intention is to keep an “up close and personal” contact with visitors and friends, telling behind the scenes stories and talking about other less formal subjects (but never losing focus on photography and environment). And, of course, always showing recent images that I have been making while on the field, be it on a regular outdoor ride or on a serious assignment.

Some of the posts will be the same for both versions and others will be exclusive, depending on the subject. I plan to gradually translate the former contents from the original Portuguese edition into English too.

Be welcome and thanks for visiting!

... and the result of this very lucky day!
(Photo: © Daniel De Granville, 2006)



Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

Great Shot....

Tania said...

Fantastic! Looking forward to the German version. And, pour quoi pas, the French one too!